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At this web we would like to inform you 
about possibilities in the field of security

and safety of your cars. We will introduce you portfolio of our security products from classical mechanical gear shift lock Defend Lock to vehicle satellite tracking system Defend Locator. Next there are products that will help you to park safely with parking assistant Defend Parkcontrol or drive safely highways and byways with safety plate of engine space Defend Skidplate.

Also we would like to offer you installation of all our products for advantageous prices.

You can order the installation in one of ours installation centers in Prague, Holešov or Nové Mesto nad Váhom.


More information about our products and installations you can find in other folder of our web presentation.

Defend Lock installation and other products of brand DEFEND.






Company DEFEND gained Superbrands 2015 award !!!

20/02/2015 09:46
At the beginning of February, independent program Superbrands announced list of the best brands operating in the Czech Republic. This year’s, already the 3rd year of independent evaluation of brands, Superbrands awarded best brands in the Czech market. Consumers and afterwards professional jury of...

ATTENTION! We are moving to a new adress

21/02/2014 14:25
Dear clients, dear business partners, allow us to inform you that, due to limited capacity and IT limits in our pleasant but a little old-school offices in Prague 6, we are moving to new office in Prague - Hostivař. New residential place is adapted to the growth of both division DEFEND, i.e. both...

Defend Lock resisted in challenging test with liquid nitrogen – video

02/09/2013 16:20
Mechanical security system Defend Lock resisted also in challenging test with liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is known liquid that can undercool items to a very low temperature. These items then become more fragile and susceptible to damages. Reason of the test is wrong speculation of car...

Installation centers Defend Lock just open

01/09/2013 00:00
Installation centers Defend Lock just open. Come to us to secure your car for advantageous initial prices. You can find us in Prague, Holešov and Nové Mesto nad Váhom. We are available during working days 8 - 16:30. You can find more information in other parts of our web presentation.